Remodeling the Store

Remodeling the Store

We have started remodeling the store and it is starting to look great.  All the walls are down, drop ceilings in the front of the store are down, windows are closed up, lights back up and painted everywhere.  We are going to be building some shelves in the back for the boots and moccasins and putting in a new A/C back there.  There will be a roof along the left wall in the picture and product will go on the wall as well.  Flooring still needs to go down and to touch up the new storage area over the bathroom.  

It has been a long few weeks but we have been getting a lot done. We our making the store look nicer, easier to shop for our customers and creating more room for our products.  We will update again we we are all done. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you can see some of the process we went through.   

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  • Erika Pandolfo - April 14, 2022

    Hi! I see you guys are hiring. What is the best way to apply? Thank you!

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