Take I-95 North or South depending on the direction your traveling from.

 Google Maps

  1. Take the US-202/ME-4/ME-100 exit, EXIT 75, toward Auburn.

    1. Keep left to take the ramp towardAuburn/Farmington/Norway-SO Paris/Rumford-Andover/Rangeley/Kingfield.

        Then 0.03 miles
      1. Turn left onto Washington St N/US-202 E/ME-100/ME-4. Continue to follow US-202 E/ME-100/ME-4.

          Then 4.75 miles
        1. Turn right onto Court St/US-202 E/ME-11/ME-100. Continue to follow US-202 E/ME-11/ME-100.

          1. Court Street becomes Main Street once you cross bridge into Lewiston

          2. You will pass on the left: Central Maine Medical Center, and Mardens

          Then 3.22 miles
        2. 850 MAIN ST is on the left.

          1. Your destination is just past Switzerland Rd

          2. We are across the street from L A Harley





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