Tons of New Leather Items and Remodel

Tons of New Leather Items and Remodel

We have added a lot of new items to our store since we last posted.  Filling our store with as much leather apparel and merchandise as we can has been our goal from day one. Since we just added a bunch of new items: Jackets, vests, gloves, boots, chaps, belts, wallets, hand bags and so much more we wanted to take some time and renovate the interior of the store.  We did some renovation last year, when we first opened like taking down some walls and adding tile on the floor just to name a few. This year we want to take it a step further and take down more walls to open up the space. Right now there are a few small rooms and door ways that seem to confuse people. They are not sure if they can enter them or not. So we are taking them down and it will create a much better space for retail.  Once they are down we will be posting pictures and we hope you like it.  



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