Dress Belt Buckle Style 1


SKU: 2000-01


Have you found your self buying belts a couple times a year because they are nothing more then vinyl coated cardboard? You don't have to worry any more if you purchase one of our belts.  You are getting a 8-10 oz (1/8"-5/32" thick) leather belt with a nickel plated solid brass center bar buckle. By using solid brass over steel for our buckle you won't have to worry about it rusting out.  You won't have to worry about buying another belt for a long time, unless you want another one in another color.

We attach the buckle with 2 snaps (that are also nickel plated solid brass) so you can easily switch out the buckle for another.  The edges are beveled to create a smooth feel on your hand and then we put an edge kote on the edge to seal it in. There is also a belt loop stay.

To figure out what size belt you need you can use your old belt.  Just measure from the buckle end to the hole you use the most.  Those inches would be the size you need. For example if you measure 40" you will want a size 40.

If you don't have a belt you should get one to two sizes larger then your pant size.

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